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 I'm on the case. 
 Retired Police Officer specializing in criminal defense and surveillance 

Your peace of mind at an affordable price_

Sean Patrick Investigations provides a full suite of private investigation services in both the San Francisco Bay Area and in the greater San Diego metro area.  I am best known for my expertise in criminal defense and surveillance, working with attorneys, as well as directly with private clients.  







[ Criminal Investigations ]


I work diligently to ensure you have everything available to support your best defense.

Traditional house

[ Domestic Affairs ]


I work confidentially and respectfully to uncover sensitive information for your personal needs.

[ Surveillance ]


My detailed work will help you gather the information you need to protect yourself or your business.

[ Other Needs ]


I am trained and experienced to provide professional investigations for your unique situation.

Investigator Farley is my go-to investigator on criminal and personal injury matters. He is a highly skilled investigator with great instincts and exceptional people skills. But what really sets him apart is his nearly two decades of law enforcement training and experience which enables him to provide invaluable insight on police practices and procedures.     

                                                                                                     - L. Marcel Stewart, Esq.

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